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Wherever video sits in your wider marketing strategy, it needs to be given special attention. A video strategy will require management buy-in, budget and significant marketing resources. But the investment should deliver returns – your videos should generate leads, elevate your brand, create social buzz, attract talent to your organization and boost customer loyalty. And you should be able to objectively quantify most of the benefits that your corporate video strategy delivers. As a leading video strategy company, we work with marketers, CEOs, HR teams, sales managers and finance departments to create video marketing strategies that deliver results. From audience analysis to video content audits and planning, resource allocation, production, distribution, measurement and optimization, we will guide you through every step of the process. Ourvideo strategies have doubled landing page conversions, created new leadsources, trended on Twitter, and helped sales teams move prospects down thesales funnel. Keep reading for our video strategy guide, or contact ourmanaging director, Jamie, to get started on your video marketing strategy.

Best Video Production Service Company in Dallas Texas
Best Video Production Service Company in Dallas Texas - GoMan Productions - Strategy Services

Social Video Strategy
Generate leads and raise your brand’s profile with a social video strategy that aligns your video content with your social and wider objectives. Our team of video producers, animators and social media specialists will work with you to develop a social video strategy that drives tangible business results. View examples of our work below or keep reading for our social video strategy tips. Or, if you’re ready to get started, contact our managing director, Jamie.

Brand Video Strategy
People are watching over 700 million hours of YouTube content on TV daily. And 85% of Gen Z adults use TikTok daily. Furthermore, 92%of mobile video consumers will share videos with others and 84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website. And Facebook has reported that video increases ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration – even if the viewer only watches it for a few seconds! When you understand the true and measurable benefits video offers any business, it’s clear that a brand video strategy is a good investment. At GoMan Productions, we specialize in helping your company build out video content strategies. Our team of film and digital strategy experts can advise you on the full video marketing process, from objective definition to video audits, KPI setting, ideation, content creation, distribution and (most importantly) measurement, optimization and reporting.
Best Video Production Service Company in Dallas Texas - GoMan Productions
At Goman Productions, our Strategy Services focus on getting to know you and your vision for your company. This service goes beyond the actual video production process and encompasses various aspects of your operations, marketing, and growth. Here's a breakdown of what a Strategy Service might entail: 

1. **Business Goals and Objectives** The strategy service would begin by understanding the video production company's overall business goals and objectives. This could involve discussions about revenue targets, market expansion, brand positioning, and more. 

2. **Target Audience and Market Analysis** Identifying the target audience and conducting market analysis is crucial for tailoring the video content to the right demographic. This step involves researching the company's industry, competitors, and audience preferences. 

3. **Content Strategy** Developing a content strategy involves determining the types of videos that will resonate with the target audience. This could include promotional videos, educational content, storytelling, and more. The strategy might outline the frequency of video releases, content themes, and formats. 

4. **Channel Strategy** Deciding where to distribute the videos is essential. This could involve platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, social media channels, the company's website, or even live streaming services. Each platform requires a slightly different approach in terms of content and engagement. 

5. **Branding and Messaging** Developing consistent branding and messaging is key to building a strong brand identity. The strategy service would help define the visual and verbal elements that should be present in every video to align with the company's brand. 

6. **Production Approach** Determining the production approach involves deciding whether videos will be professionally produced in-house, outsourced to freelancers or other production companies, or a combination of both. Factors like budget, quality, and timeline play a role here. 

7. **Budgeting and Resource Allocation** Allocating resources appropriately is important for successful video production. The strategy would outline how much budget should be allocated for different aspects such as equipment, talent, post-production, marketing, and distribution. 

8. **Timeline and Scheduling** Developing a production calendar ensures a consistent flow of content. The strategy service might include a detailed timeline for pre-production, production, and post-production phases. 

9. **Metrics and Analytics** Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics is crucial for measuring the success of the video content. The strategy service would outline how to track views, engagement, conversion rates, and other relevant data. 

10. **Adaptation and Improvement** A strategy service is not static; it should be adaptable to changing circumstances. Regular reviews and updates are necessary to ensure the strategy remains effective and aligned with the company's evolving goals. 

In essence, our Strategy Services for your company aims to provide a roadmap for creating, distributing, and optimizing video content to achieve your company's overarching business objectives. We consider the various factors to ensure that your company's video efforts are both creative and effective in reaching your target audience.